Review: Why You Should Watch “The Dragon Prince”

If you loved “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, then buckle up and listen to this, because the same people who worked on that show are now the writers for “The Dragon Prince”, a newly released show that’s on Netflix! A show that’s set in a medieval time, TDP tells the story of three kids who set out on a journey to save the world, which should sound extremely familiar if you were a huge fan of Aang, Katara, and Sokka. Along with the classic trope of a lovable golden trio trying to put an end to social conflict between different groups of people, there are a number of reasons that you should head on over to Netflix to watch this show that is quickly making its way into people’s hearts.

dragonprince-season1_recap-1024x576Photo credit: Overlyanimated

The Characters

Apart from the actual plot of a story, one of the most important things that can make or break a show — cartoon or otherwise — are the characters. It’s pretty obvious that we are more likely to love a show, or keep watching a show, if the characters are ones that we can connect to, relate to, or simply love. Just like in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, TDP is filled with a number of characters that have traits that make them entertaining as well as lovable. Where would we be if the main characters of a show were boring? Certainly not watching the show they’re in, let me tell you that now.

Callum (voiced by ATLA’s Sokka), Ezran, and Rayla are the golden trio in TDP who are thrown together as a result of political chaos. Callum and Ezran are brothers — princes of their kingdom, to be exact — while Rayla is an elven assassin who was tasked with eliminating the human threats to Xadia, her homeland. When her plans were disrupted, she went from attempting to kill them to protecting them and helping them escape from the devastation that fell upon their father’s kingdom. As a result, the three of these characters form a bond as they learn to trust Rayla while they make their way back to Xadia, along with a secretly hidden egg that no one knew still existed. Despite the fact that their mission is quite considerably a serious one that could — you know — put an end to the racial and political tensions between the humans and the other races, these characters are shown to be compassionate, supportive of each other, and absolutely determined to hopefully bring peace and end constant war. Callum, Ezran, and Rayla as a team are absolutely precious, and like other characters in the series, have qualities that make them unique.

Callum, the older one between him and Ezran, is a fourteen-year-old boy who is gifted in the arts as opposed to being physically gifted, like one of his father’s soldiers, Soren — who is shown to make an attempt at training Callum in swordfighting while the show hints at Callum’s troubles with physical activities. Ezran, the younger ten-year-old brother, has a special connection with animals and is able to communicate with them (which a few fans have circulated some theories about). He also has an immense love of jelly tarts, which is a trait that is later mentioned to be one that he inherited from his late mother. Rayla, a young assassin who was raised (by another elf assassin named Runaan)  to be ruthless, is quickly shown to be someone who is sympathetic and humane, which conflicts with the very core of who she is. Not only are these characters unique in their own way, but they also interact with other characters that are interesting, intelligent, and strong as well.

the-dragon-prince-rayla-crouchRayla, Photo credit: Hypable

Amaya, a general in one of the military sectors of the kingdom, is Callum and Ezran’s aunt — who is deaf. It’s no secret that in much of television, writing characters as having disabilities has been somewhat of a subject for creators to avoid entirely, but thankfully, in 2018, things are starting to change. While Amaya is deaf, there is certainly no lacking in her strong and ruthless personality towards her enemies, and her love and protectiveness of her nephews. Absolutely no one in the TDP universe dares to underestimate Amaya and her abilities, which shows that there is no discrimination against her. On a similar note, it’s important to know that Rayla, being an assassin who uses dual daggers, admits to having lost one finger on both her left and right hands — which leaves her with eight fingers total. Like Amaya, it’s apparent that no one in the TDP universe doubts Rayla’s skills (except maybe Runaan). Fortunately, the TDP series so far doesn’t have your basic John Doe and Mary Sue characters — leaving more room for the writers to create characters we can relate to, connect to, and adore.

DnDickaVsAIahUvAmaya (and Commander Gren, her interpreter), Photo credit: Twitter

Since the show only aired on Netflix on September 14th, each character has plenty of room to grow and develop in (hopefully) upcoming seasons. Still, the knowledge that the writers have created characters with the intention of enacting inclusivity of all people makes TDP all the more worthwhile to watch.

The Setting

I’ve always loved me a good medieval setting.

Medieval settings in any form of media usually alludes to the use of magic, which — surprise, surprise — is what TDP is all about! The series is filled with the subject of magic — specifically dark magic — and how that magic is used in the TDP universe. Various other factors come into play when looking at the fact that the series is categorized as a medieval fantasy or medieval adventure series, which — let’s be honest — was enough of a hook for the growing fanbase. A story about a group of three kids who go on a journey to seek an end to political and social unrest by returning a magic egg to its rightful owner is genius, and the fact is made even more so when you just look at what TDP has to offer:



Source: Tumblr

tumblr_pfbv2nYYcM1r8asmfo4_1280Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Not only are these stills gorgeous, but they show the place in which great change takes place for our beloved golden trio.

Callum, Source: Tumblr

The Plot

As you can probably guess from the title of the show, as well as what I’ve written here so far, “The Dragon Prince” is about a group of three kids who find a mysterious, magical egg, and have taken upon themselves the responsibility of returning it to its rightful owner, with the intention of putting an end to the tensions between their kingdoms. Although the series currently only has one season, fans of TDP are doing their best in communicating to the creators of the show that they want more. In the nine episodes that have already aired for the first season, there is a lot of depth in the story that is being told, and there is very clearly a big story to be told in upcoming seasons that we wish will come.

Along with the central theme of returning the egg, and traveling through foreign lands, there is lore within TDP that is being introduced to viewers at a pace that isn’t too rushed or too slow. Each episode carries bits of information about the TDP universe that gives insight into the problems that characters have faced, or must face in the future. While its creators have quickly set the tone for the series to be somewhat dark, there are still moments of relief and comedy that present themselves, since it is a kid’s show, after all. Still, watching Callum, Ezran, and Rayla travel together in order to do the right thing (much like Aang, Katara, and Sokka) is definitely engaging, compelling, and interesting to watch. Being only nine episodes, you can definitely get through the whole thing in one day if you binge-watch.

The characters mentioned in this article are just a fragment of the entire series, and there are definitely more characters to watch and enjoy, as well as infinite plotlines that, in the end, will all tie together! Head on over to Netflix and watch “The Dragon Prince”, because I promise you it’ll be worth it!

Source: The Wertzone

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